April Fools

Blog #39
We’re all stuck at home due this Covid virus,
So let me tell you of what I am most desirous.
(As I type this poem on this digital papyrus,
I keep humming that new song by Noah Cyrus.)

There are just a few things that I ask,
things that can be done without wearing a mask:
* I want to go out to eat and drink!
(and not spend 20 seconds at the sink)
* I want to gather with my friends!
(No more group chats- they’re just pretend)
* I want to go and play some squash,
and then drink some ice cold beers, by Gosh!
* I may have already mentioned in my Blog,
how much I crave a Depot dog!
* I want to travel, stay at a Hampton Inn!
(I like their free breakfast. Is that a sin?)
* I’ll even sit in the middle when I fly!
(and give the armrest up to some other guy)
* I want to listen to some live music!
(I don’t care what kind- just don’t let Mac choose it)
* I want some Wendys or Taco Bell,
where I can eat inside and absorb the smell.
* It’s hard at home, I can be a jerk.
(But I’ve learned useful things- like how to twerk)
* It’s seems I have too much time on my hands,
but I’m still unable to make any plans.
* I’m stir crazy (as I’m sure you can tell)-
this Coronavirus can go to hell!

Check out this Wisconsin guy that Alex knows:


Quote of the Day: “Poets utter great and wise things which they themselves do not understand.”- Plato

Today’s Playlist from The King:
1) Kentucky Rain
2) A Little Less Conversation
3) In The Ghetto
4) Can’t Help Falling In Love
5) Suspicious Minds

Books to Read:
1) Montana, 1948 by Larry Watson

Binge Watchable:
1) True Detective

Yesterday’s Trivia Question: How many colors are in a rainbow? ANSWER: Seven

Today’s Trivia Question: How many lines are there in a sonnet?



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