April Fools
Blog #45 Our washing machine went kaput so Meegan placed a call in to the repairman. He arrived this morning to give a prognosis. Not good. Terminal case. But it was sure great to see him. Usually it’s just Franco who follows around strangers when they are in our house. He thinks they might inadvertently drop a Cheez-It or some edible snack. Today, Meegan and I joined Franco in following around the repairman. It was just so great to have company. When he bid us goodbye, it was with a deep sense of despondence that we asked, “You will be back soon, won’t you?” As he drove away, I had that same sinking feeling in the pit of my gut as when we dropped Josie off for college last fall. I could tell Meegan felt the same way too, although this time she didn’t cry. (Josie and Lyda slept through the repairman’s visit. It’s their loss. That’s what they get for being vampires.) After he left, we decided we needed something to cheer us up. A trip to Home Depot was in order. We now need a new washing machine after all. We walked in, past the empty Depot Dog grill (that was painful) navigating towards the appliance section and giving wide berth to others in the store. We spoke with Brad, whose friendly voice from behind his mask, informed us that the particular size washing machine that we need can only be ordered on line. It wasn’t a total waste of time as we ran into my buddy, Dave, who we barely recognized behind his mask. When asked how everything has been going at his house, he just snorted, “This thing’s gotta end soon.” He said he’s been filling his days with trips to Home Depot and running up large Visa charges at ML (a well-stocked liquor store on Woodward). Brad instructed us to make sure that we order the hoses to go with the new washing machine. So when we got home, Meegan and I went on line to purchase the “washer” (as my Granny used to say) and the hoses. Turns out that you can pick up the hoses at Home Depot. So, Meegan and I are both heading back to the store to pick them up. The machine won’t be delivered until May 11 but we’re headed to the HD right after I finish this blog to pick up the hoses. You could call this being super proactive or a sign of desperation. Maybe we’ll run into Dave again…if not there, maybe at ML Liquors on Woodward.

Quote of the Day:
“You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site.” — Frank Lloyd Wright

Today’s Playlist goes out to all those Do It Yourselfers at Home Depot:
1) If I Were A Carpenter by Robert Plant
2) If I Had A Hammer by Peter, Paul and Mary
3) Hammer and Nails by The Indigo Girls
4) Sledgehammer by Rihanna
5) Build by The House Martins

Books to Read:
1) At Home by Bill Bryson

Binge Watchable:
1) How It’s Made

Yesterday’s Trivia Question: Before the Jeep brand was acquired by Chrysler, it was a product of what automotive company? ANSWER: American Motors Corporation

Today’s Trivia Question: What syndrome is defined as “Changes in the skin condition that result from being immersed in water.”?



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